Happy Father\\\'s Day from Joseph Father of Jesus

Take a Rest Fathers from Joseph Father of Jesus

Take a Rest Fathers. You deserve it! from Joseph Father of Jesus

Fathers are sometimes the forgotten part of the family because the mother tends to do all the raising of the children more than the father does but he is a very important part otherwise there would be no children. I am Joseph, father of Jesus, and I’ve noticed through the 2000 years since I was living with Jesus that fathers have never really changed. They are taught to be strong. Yet now days it’s OK to bring out sensitivity of emotions like many men do.

Back in those days we did the same when it had to do with our family and children and you’d see a tear come from our eyes at times. That did not mean that we were not strong. As now days even though women go to work just about as much as fathers do, the men in the family are helping to clean the house and cook dinners. Most of them Gregory has talked too say they really enjoy doing it after a hard day’s work as it allows the little lady to relax. I guess what I’m getting at is that is not a new thing, even back then the men always pitched in to do whatever it took to try to keep the family running smooth and so we were multitaskers as we had to learn many things although they’ve proven scientifically that nobody can truly multitask. You just switch your brain from one thing to another. Yet we still learned that we had to be strong, be firm with our children, to love them and teach them how to be strong themselves yet be tender with our women for they are the beautiful aspect in a man’s life of tenderness and support as throughout the ages men have supported them.

In this world now days it seems with so many single families that many men are even having to become mothers as many of the women are becoming fathers also but the basis is still there for the men show strength, usually wisdom, and are willing to protect their families to the best of their abilities along with friends and loved ones. So you are still just as diverse in definition of who you are as I was when I was raising my children and Jesus. So I bless all males and those females that are both mother and father. I pray that you will all have guidance, strength, love and understanding. For at times no matter how modern the society is or how old it is there is confusion in between strength and making decisions but you can always come out with the best that you can for that is what the men in our lives, our fathers and grandfathers in the past have taught us to be- very diverse. For to be a good father you must expect the unexpected at times.

I loved working with Jesus as a father and teacher. He loved working with wood and one thing many people don’t realize is he loved playing the flute and I taught him how to carve a flute so he always had a knife and a piece of wood that he was working on. That’s what I loved doing also myself to relax. With that make sure that you take time out for yourself from your busy schedule and do that every day without having your television. Have a good glass of water, no alcohol or cigarettes for the moment and thank the Great Creator God in whatever belief you have for giving you this amazing life that gives you the ability to be strong and usually the head of the house with discussions from your wife or mate knowing that you usually make the final decision on many things for the betterment of the family and yourselves. God bless you all and have a great Father’s Day and the same with you mothers that are temporary fathers too and know that you are all a part of the God Source and that you are like mini- gods in creating your life directions for God gave you the ability to do that. Father Joseph father of Jesus of Nazareth speaking through Gregory Thomas with Shelina

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