Mary Magdalene Speaks My Gifts From Jesus

Jesus Gives a Gift to Mary Magdalene

Jesus Gives a Gift to Mary Magdalene

Jesus liked to do whittling because Father Joseph who liked to do wood carving too taught him how. Father Joseph was a really good father to me too. So both Joseph and Jesus would surprise me and Mother Mary with little wood carvings and things. Jesus learned that it was good to surprise the ladies in your life with little gifts so Mother Mary and I were both surprised by these small figurines. Of course Joseph always had access to many types of wood so Jesus would grab little pieces to make small carvings. It was a way for him to relax and mediate and pray in his own way.

I guess for us girls when they do things like that, it’s something special that makes us realize that they think about us off and on throughout the day. I liked it when Jesus would take a piece of wood and carve a little vase maybe two or three inches high which was something simple to hold water and then he would bring home a short stem of a flower to put in it. It could be almost a weed but he would bring home a bouquet of those for me.

Then he would hide it behind his back and say “Which hand do you pick?” Or he would put it on the table under a scarf and say “Which scarf do you pick?” and he would surprise me with something else under the other scarf. Sometimes it was a fruit or other times it was a rock and he would say “God blessed us with the land or soil.” And then he would have me turn my back and pick which hand it was in. But he also had something else in his pocket so if I picked wrong again he would just laugh and hand it to me and say “This is because I love you so much” and we would both laugh together as we hugged each other. Sometimes I would guess it right away and if I did I would be very happy and he would take away the surprise that was underneath the other scarf or cloth so he could use it again.

Blessing your fun times and surprises. Love, Mary Magdalene wife of Jesus Speaking

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