Nonamori 13th Dimension

Nonamori Angelic Symbol 'Life's Changes'

Nonamori Angelic Symbol 'Life's Changes'

Nonamori is the 13th dimensional Supreme Angelic Teacher of Love, Light and Knowledge and guide from the Upper Soul Council for Gregory and Shelina.  Appearing as a ball of pure love and light to Gregory,  he is one of the highest dimension guides to speak to Earth at this time.  Nano 15th dimension also speaks occasionally through Gregory and Shelina but they can only handle the tremendous high energy for short periods of time as there is a possibly that it could slowly harm their bodies.  Nano comes in to help with healing and a high frequency of love and peace.

Nonamori has chosen his name from another lifetime when he was a male Kanarian 1st Creation Human 553 million years ago although he didn’t live where Gregory and Shelina did. At the high dimensions spiritual life is both female and male and able to chose the gender they want at any time.  Sensing through Gregory’s sight, taste and sensory abilities Nonamori has grown very fond of chocolate which Shelina gives him as they channel and they are now called ‘Nonamori’s Chocolate Channelings’.  Gregory says he has never eaten so much chocolate and Shelina always insists that it be the best quality.

In 2002, Nonamori started to teach Gregory and Shelina about the first human creation in the galaxy, called Kanarians, and gave the two the real creation of human DNA 553 million years ago.  These two lecture about this amazing story of new life, dreams, hope and agony of life’s tribulations in the galaxy.  They have the book written and it is being edited with the who, what, when, where, why and how humans were created and put into the Milky Way Galaxy.  This is the book that Earth has been asking for and waiting for even before recorded history ever started.

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