Saragon 11th Dimension

Saragon's Angelic Symbol meaning 'Everlasting Life'

Saragon is an 11th dimensional angelic guide from The Upper Soul Council for Gregory and Shelina.  He is called a Kodamon Master Teacher of Soul Science and Spirituality and has fun sharing the Kanarian 1st Creation Humans angelic soul code symbols.

Many of these ancient symbols can be found in his first book along with Gregory and Shelina called Journey To The Truest You: 33 Kanarian 1st Creation Human Angelic Soul Code Symbols for your Peace, Prosperity, Healing, Love and Empowerment.  It took a great deal of energy to channel these 553 million year old soul codes in accurately as Gregory went into a deep trance while Shelina laid down quietly to give her energy like a battery to help while they were being drawn onto the paper.  Saragon likes to have fun with people and also does Personal Soul Code Spiritual Readings.  Many have experienced an awakening through these.

Each year Saragon makes a New Year’s Angelic Soul Code Symbol drawing.  Here is the one for 2009.

Saragon 2009 Year Angelic Soul Code Symbols

Saragon 2009 Angelic Soul Codes

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