Happy Fathers Day from Jesus

Happy Fathers Day from Jesus of Nazareth

Happy Fathers Day from Jesus

Jesus of Nazareth Speaking: Happy Father’s Day to all you men out there with children or grandchildren. You all know that life’s not easy and many of you don’t believe that I was married or a father but I was for I was a good Hebrew. With Mary Magdalene as my wife we had three sons and one daughter.

I was very lucky to have a father that wasn’t my real father like Joseph who was such a direct connection and teacher to me. He was a kind man but firm and yes I got corrected by him too. I know it’s hard for parents to do that but they have to and now days times I know some of you fathers also have to be mothers and some of you mothers are fathers too, but when you add it all up it’s great having a celebration for us because most fathers and men truly try to do the best they can for their families and loved ones. Sometimes it’s hard at a great distance to be a father as my children were when I was teaching and healing. I truly missed them.

So God Bless You and I hope you’re spoiled and have a great day or your family contacts you and tells you that they love you and you do that with your father and the same for all you women that have to the fathers and mothers at times. For that is life but I am very proud of you all. So I bless all the men, fathers, grandfathers and even great grandfathers with love, peace, good health and understanding. God Bless you all, Jesus of Nazareth Speaking through Gregory Thomas with Shelina.

Mary Magdalene Speaks My Gifts From Jesus

Jesus Gives a Gift to Mary Magdalene

Jesus Gives a Gift to Mary Magdalene

Jesus liked to do whittling because Father Joseph who liked to do wood carving too taught him how. Father Joseph was a really good father to me too. So both Joseph and Jesus would surprise me and Mother Mary with little wood carvings and things. Jesus learned that it was good to surprise the ladies in your life with little gifts so Mother Mary and I were both surprised by these small figurines. Of course Joseph always had access to many types of wood so Jesus would grab little pieces to make small carvings. It was a way for him to relax and mediate and pray in his own way.

I guess for us girls when they do things like that, it’s something special that makes us realize that they think about us off and on throughout the day. I liked it when Jesus would take a piece of wood and carve a little vase maybe two or three inches high which was something simple to hold water and then he would bring home a short stem of a flower to put in it. It could be almost a weed but he would bring home a bouquet of those for me.

Then he would hide it behind his back and say “Which hand do you pick?” Or he would put it on the table under a scarf and say “Which scarf do you pick?” and he would surprise me with something else under the other scarf. Sometimes it was a fruit or other times it was a rock and he would say “God blessed us with the land or soil.” And then he would have me turn my back and pick which hand it was in. But he also had something else in his pocket so if I picked wrong again he would just laugh and hand it to me and say “This is because I love you so much” and we would both laugh together as we hugged each other. Sometimes I would guess it right away and if I did I would be very happy and he would take away the surprise that was underneath the other scarf or cloth so he could use it again.

Blessing your fun times and surprises. Love, Mary Magdalene wife of Jesus Speaking

Happy Fathers Day from Joseph Father of Jesus

Take a Rest Fathers from Joseph Father of Jesus

Take a Rest Fathers. You deserve it! from Joseph Father of Jesus

Fathers are sometimes the forgotten part of the family because the mother tends to do all the raising of the children more than the father does but he is a very important part otherwise there would be no children. I am Joseph, father of Jesus, and I’ve noticed through the 2000 years since I was living with Jesus that fathers have never really changed. They are taught to be strong. Yet now days it’s OK to bring out sensitivity of emotions like many men do.

Back in those days we did the same when it had to do with our family and children and you’d see a tear come from our eyes at times. That did not mean that we were not strong. As now days even though women go to work just about as much as fathers do, the men in the family are helping to clean the house and cook dinners. Most of them Gregory has talked too say they really enjoy doing it after a hard day’s work as it allows the little lady to relax. I guess what I’m getting at is that is not a new thing, even back then the men always pitched in to do whatever it took to try to keep the family running smooth and so we were multitaskers as we had to learn many things although they’ve proven scientifically that nobody can truly multitask. You just switch your brain from one thing to another. Yet we still learned that we had to be strong, be firm with our children, to love them and teach them how to be strong themselves yet be tender with our women for they are the beautiful aspect in a man’s life of tenderness and support as throughout the ages men have supported them.

In this world now days it seems with so many single families that many men are even having to become mothers as many of the women are becoming fathers also but the basis is still there for the men show strength, usually wisdom, and are willing to protect their families to the best of their abilities along with friends and loved ones. So you are still just as diverse in definition of who you are as I was when I was raising my children and Jesus. So I bless all males and those females that are both mother and father. I pray that you will all have guidance, strength, love and understanding. For at times no matter how modern the society is or how old it is there is confusion in between strength and making decisions but you can always come out with the best that you can for that is what the men in our lives, our fathers and grandfathers in the past have taught us to be- very diverse. For to be a good father you must expect the unexpected at times.

I loved working with Jesus as a father and teacher. He loved working with wood and one thing many people don’t realize is he loved playing the flute and I taught him how to carve a flute so he always had a knife and a piece of wood that he was working on. That’s what I loved doing also myself to relax. With that make sure that you take time out for yourself from your busy schedule and do that every day without having your television. Have a good glass of water, no alcohol or cigarettes for the moment and thank the Great Creator God in whatever belief you have for giving you this amazing life that gives you the ability to be strong and usually the head of the house with discussions from your wife or mate knowing that you usually make the final decision on many things for the betterment of the family and yourselves. God bless you all and have a great Father’s Day and the same with you mothers that are temporary fathers too and know that you are all a part of the God Source and that you are like mini- gods in creating your life directions for God gave you the ability to do that. Father Joseph father of Jesus of Nazareth speaking through Gregory Thomas with Shelina

Mother Mary Speaks Happy Mother’s Day 2012

Happy Mother's Day 2012 from Mother Mary

Happy Mother's Day 2012 from Mother Mary

Mother Mary Speaking- This is a blessing for all the women and mothers out there including some of the fathers in now days times that have to be both father and mother. Being a mother is not an easy thing but there is a lot of love and joy and excitement as I had 2000 years ago. In those days of course it was much riskier to have a child than it is now. Thank God it is better.

Being a mother you have to sometimes hold your emotions back for the good of the children to raise them but that is a gift God gave us all for the ability to help raise children to become adults in their own rights. I, like most of you, tried my best to teach, to love, to patch up wounds and stop arguments. And for each of us in the many cultures that there are in the world that is being a mother including sometimes mothering our husbands. For no matter how old husbands and boyfriends are they have a little boy that comes out in them that they show once in awhile especially when they aren’t feeling good or having a bad day.

Most mothers want things to change where children have an equal right and food to put in their stomachs so they can grow up to choose whatever they want to do in life, where people care about what happens to the children and everyone is being treated fairly in the world. So be proud of who you are and what you are. For even out of all the books that have been written about mothering no two mothers can raise their children the same as each child is slightly different. Even my son Jesus who was an amazing young man was at times what you call now a ‘brat’ or a very curious child but also very loving and we had to protect him. We did that with love as I know all of you do with your children now days.

Take a moment and thank God that you are a woman and a mother for you are an amazing being and a part of God. I bless all of you and wish you a good day of being spoiled with your friends and family, and even though we didn’t have a Mother’s Day back then I loved it when my family spoiled me with little gifts and surprises as Joseph did with the little carvings he made for me or fresh flowers that he would pick for me. Of course Jesus and the other children brought things too especially bird feathers which they knew I liked. I put the best ones in my own private clay pot and got rid of some, but I didn’t tell the children. They were so proud to give me something so I would show them how excited and grateful I was with a hug and allow them to watch me put their feather up in my “special place”. God bless you and your families and may you all be healthy. Mary mother of Jesus speaking direct link through Gregory and Shelina

Mother Mary Speaks on Mary’s Well and Water

Blessing the water everywhere from Mother Mary

Mother Mary Speaks "Bless the Water"

Shelina was telling me about this painting of a water well in Nazareth that is called Mary’s Well. I never thought I would have a well named after me. Many places around the world still get their water that way today. For us the well was a place where people went to meet with others. I rarely went by myself. I went with my sister or my girlfriends and we would hear people talk about all different things like “What’s happening?” in the small town near what you call Tiberius where my Poppa was a trader of mercantile. So I would get water for his business there but at home about a quarter mile out of town we had our own well.

In Nazareth my father had a second store which one of his cousins ran so we brought supplies in and it would take most of the day to get there. We stayed a day or two and slept upstairs where they had extra beds for us. So I’d go to that well too,that you now call Mary’s Well, for the water and there the girls would gossip off to the side laughing and joking, not too different than now days but you use your cell phones and text, and we would hear that someone was betrothed and sometimes they weren’t very good looking but at that time your families got your marriage partner for you. It happened at a young age due that we were Hebrew. So it was a place of meeting where we always took the time to talk for a few minutes. Usually there were some benches for five or six people of all ages to sit on. And sometimes the men were there, especially the elder men who sat under trees that were nearby, and sometimes the rabbi would come too and bless us all. He didn’t come for water though he came for conversation so he knew what was going on with families.

Now days you people have it easy to just turn on a faucet for water and I saw through Gregory’s eyes an advertisement on your TV where they just touch it and the water runs. We had to pull it up by hand after throwing our vessel down but some of the wells had a log going through the top that would help to wind the rope up carrying the pitcher or bucket full of water.

In those days most of the girls were thin and with the work we did we were in fairly good shape and we had as most men would say, hopefully not to embarrass you, we had ‘nice looking bodies’ and that’s of course what attracted the boys to us though we weren’t supposed to think things like that. But that’s a natural part of being a boy or a girl with the physical attraction and we always prayed may our partner be a pretty girl, kind and loving if it was a boy praying or may he be strong and viral so he that he can take care of the family if it was a girl praying.

I think everybody needs to find a place where you have to hand pump the water out of the ground once and then you will appreciate that you get the water instantaneously from the kitchen. For us we knew no different so it was always enjoyable. With this I bless you all and bless the water everywhere. Just realize that my son Jesus tried to teach you try to live in peace and take one day at a time and know that you are all connected to the God Source. God bless you all. May you visualize good health because you are all part of God, may good things come your way and remember to bless your water and wash your hands off (ha ha laughing). I love these two, Gregory and Shelina, and others very much because you are looking for answers. These two have many. Love Mary the mother of Jesus and direct link thru Gregory and Shelina

Mary Magdalene Speaks 2012 Prophecies

Love Mary Magdalene Speaking 2012 through Gregory and Shelina Thomas

Mary Magdalene Speaks 2012

Mary Magdalene Speaks 2012

When I was younger we would all come together, including neighbors at times, and we would harvest the grains and even some of the olives from the trees and of course those that partook would get some of the grain and other things like nuts, olives and other fruit to take home for themselves. So we had a certain length of time to get it in before the seasonal rains would ruin them. Then we would all get together at the end of the day in a joint gathering where all of us girls would chat and do what I guess you would call ‘gossip’ while laughing and singing songs as we made meals for the rest of the families and children that were younger. Part of tradition was to help feed others. We believed in our God Jehovah and we enjoyed our companionship with our family and friends.

There were days when we were so thankful that we had good family and friends. For in volatile times with the Romans there were many out there that wanted to fight them for they were our conquerors and we didn’t know what was going to happen. I know now that there is fear of some people saying something about 12/21/2012 being the end of the world and that people are thinking “What’s going to happen to the families and us?” That has been going on as you can see for thousands of years for no one can totally predict all the future and what’s going to happen with their prophecies and that’s what Gregory would call ‘life’.

So when things get unsure stop in meditation and prayer and realize that’s all anybody has is family and friends and be thankful for those you have in life and every breath you take. And we do not believe that there is going to be an end of the world for we are here to give you moral support if things are tough and strength to handle any hard times even though Jesus is not coming back to strike all the bad people down for our life was then and this is your life now.

Just believe that you will wake up on Christmas morning and I know that a lot of you will have bought Christmas gifts and go on with your life for life gives no guarantees and the Creator made all of us beings strong with the mind to be able to be versatile. That is one of God’s given gifts to all of humanity with the empowerment to learn to accept all no matter who they are and love all for the different cultures you have. And be compassionate to yourself and others. It does no good to be angry at your enemies just like we had the Romans who weren’t really enemies for they built many roads and new villages and brought more commerce in. So there was a plus to that too. The worst of course was taxation but everybody pays taxes. By helping your fellow man and woman they will be your friend in need for you need each other to be strong.

With love from myself Mary Magdalene speaking and Jesus my husband through Gregory and Shelina Thomas our soul family direct link spiritual messengers

When Was Jesus Born? April 14th!

Happy Birthday Jesus!

Happy Birthday Jesus!

Jesus has one the biggest birthday celebration around the world called Christmas on December 25th even though he was born in the springtime, so many want to know “When was Jesus born?” After listening to and recording the messages from Jesus, Joseph and Mother Mary as they speak through and to us, Gregory and Shelina Thomas, we can now say that the true birthday of ‘Jesus of Nazareth’ as he likes to be called was April 14, 4 BC.

Of course as soul aspects they aren’t always able to remember specific times but after piecing together the events told to us, looking at ancient calendars, and even using astronomy software programs to view the sky from Bethlehem on that date we were able to find the day of his birth and even how the planets lined up in a rare formation during that late afternoon or early evening of April 14, 4 BC. We are blessed to speak with Jesus, Joseph, Mother Mary and Mary Magdalene to record what each says so that there is a clear understanding of their lives. Much of it is different than what has been shared for Jesus was a man with a soul just as each of us has who was a great spiritual teacher, healer and prophet which means messenger.

So you ask “What when was Jesus really born?” April 14th in the late afternoon when the planets lined up. It was passover and it was springtime when baby lambs are born. So we bless our brother who loves us so and was a son of God just as we are brothers and sisters of God. Yet know that he is here speaking through Gregory as the same soul aspect who lived 2000 years ago so that he can teach us even more than he was able to share before. At that time people couldn’t understand that there was other life in the galaxy even though they talked of “sky wheels”, their name for UFOs on the caravans, or that we are all part of God through our souls. But today many are ready to awaken for more teachings about life because they want to feel even closer to the God Source, know about their soul families and learn to use the abilities which were given to their ancestors called the Kanarians first humans ever created 553 million years ago.

In 2012 there are those who are looking for Jesus to come back in the physical but his soul will not be coming back into the physical life form on Earth for a long, long time and even then he will be a different person. For each soul lives many lifetimes with many different personalities which some call reincarnation. And then after awhile he, or she, as a soul aspect will move on again. Yet by using the name of Jesus it is like a trigger for his loving healing energies to be shared with you along with the loving healing energies of your own angels and spiritual guides who are there for you. For there is no way that one soul could handle all the prayers that are sent out from this planet and there is no need for that to happen. For the God Source, which is the energy of love around the galaxy, has empowered helpers everywhere.

Wishing you a blessed ‘Christmas’ day of joy. Thank you for sharing your love. Gregory and Shelina, first soul family couple with Jesus, Mother Mary and Mary Magdalene

Mother Mary Celebrates Women

Mother Mary Celebrates Women

Mother Mary Celebrates Women

Mother Mary Speaking I am so glad to see that you are celebrating women, the female aspect of the human species. Mother Mary Speaks Celebrate Women We at times back when I lived were spoiled too but it’s nice to see it is announced worldwide for ladies everywhere. (Oh Gregory and Shelina are playing my song again “Ave Maria” by Andrew Bocelli who I think is the best singer in the world.) God bless him and everybody that is celebrating this Woman’s Day and spoiling their little lady by simple things of giving a hug and a kiss, telling her that you need her or that she is the most precious thing in your life, holding hands or even going for a walk. For, we women have the babies and raise the children and for some it’s not easy. Many women through the ages by doing this have died upon childbirth but they gave it a try in hopes that that would not happen to them for it is built into each and every woman to have a child and to continue the lineage of the human race and that of their own husbands. I myself had a miscarriage after Joseph and I got married and Jesus was born. We knew that life was a risk. So I know what that was like because I went through it and so did most women in those days of losing their children at birth or shortly afterwards. But we had to remain strong even though we gave our love to that child in our bodies and when they were born even if they lived for a short time. Of course now days that doesn’t happen as much, but it is still a dangerous thing for women as some don’t expect that there is a danger there. So God bless all mothers, women and girls, young and old for they have a duty in this world to grow, develop themselves, and possibly get married to a nice man and raise a family. I am very proud of the strides for many who have advanced themselves in their lives at work and business as women continue to grow and evolve. So spoil those girls in your life men and you’ll be celebrated too later in the year. Besides its fun to spoil somebody you love even if it’s making dinner when you don’t usually make dinner or drying dishes together or of course loving each other. For that is what women love, is to be loved and understood and valued as a part of the family. This is Mother Mary, I hope I didn’t go off the deep end too much with childbirth but we women are a special breed because we go through hell sometimes for our families but we go through it with pleasure, hope and visions for our future. God bless you all, Mother Mary speaking through Gregory with Shelina recording (p.s. Gregory could feel Mother Mary’s emotions as she spoke of childbirth so it was amazing to him to have feelings like that since he is a man. He said it was hard for him as a man to understand, but Shelina said “You men have trouble understanding women on Earth so of course you wouldn’t totally understand all the feelings a spiritual woman would share but I am very proud of you for allowing yourself to go through that so that Mother Mary can share.”)

Jesus Speaks “Follow Me With Prayer”

Jesus Speaks "Follow Me" Brothers and Sisters

Jesus Speaks

Jesus Speaks “Many years ago what I taught that wasn’t written in the books is that we are all part of God and that you can worship God sitting on a rock, laying in your bed, going for walks or reflecting and praying. You really don’t need a church as the only way to get through to God. When I mentioned “Follow me” it meant that I will teach you how to sit and pray to ask for what you would like from the Almighty God Source, not that I was the only one that was connected to the God Source. We all are.”

I truly believe that the churches changed my meaning to purposely put power to them and so with this I want you to realize that churches and synagogues are ok because you need the companionship and sometimes you need the strength to try to speak to God yourself but when some minister or priest or preacher says “You have to come to these church meetings or you will go to hell fire and damnation and we are the only way to take you to heaven”, which thank God most churches don’t do that anymore, it’s time to rethink where you are doing your fellowship.”

“And even though they don’t speak the way I taught, I believe that there’s still love and peace and you need to work together because you need fellowship but just remember when you go to your worship centers, male or female of any culture or any belief, that you’re still all connected to the God Source and you are co-creators yourselves because God gave you that ability. If you listen to yourself and your angelic spiritual helpers, and believe in yourself you’ll soon realize that you can change your life for God wants you to do that. He would never try to hold you down and I, Jesus of Nazareth, bless everyone on this planet and wish them all well and ask that they go into themselves and not listen to others because the inner part of you will tell you your truths and try to not condemn others until you’ve actually been in their shoes or else if you’ve never done anything wrong yourself. With that bless you all.” Jesus of Nazareth through Gregory and Shelina

Mary Magdalene Speaks Jesus Was Married

Jesus Was Married.. to Mary Magdalene

Jesus Was Married.. to Mary Magdalene

History is always changing just as the belief that Jesus was married is being accepted more today. Throughout one’s life if you really notice, you can go back and think about all the changes that you have lived through for there is always continued change and you must keep your eyes open and be aware of what goes on around you. That happened with society even in those days that I lived with Jesus due to the Romans, and the unrest of the Hebrew sects and that’s still the same with your technical world with alterations that have happened even with words that have been written down in the last 2000 years in many of your books. Be prepared for transformations and truths that will happen in your life.

For one I married Jesus that all of you honor and realize that he was a great teacher. He was also a great father and husband. We knew each other when I was a very young age and back then there were many Mary’s, Joseph’s and even Jesus’ in those days. Those were very common names just like you have your cycles of Joe’s, Pete’s and Bill’s and then you go through cycles of other names. I really was the wife of Jesus and luckily a mother to our three sons and one daughter. I went along with him at times as his ‘sidekick’ as some of you might say and partner when we traveled short distances from Nazareth. Of course our children were always taken care of by Mother Mary and our helper.

I was not the only woman that followed the crowd though and at times when Jesus and the others spoke we would  come in from different sides of the town and we would mingle with others to help form the crowd. Almost like now days as they put people into your rock star concerts when they are trying to get them known to cheer them on. I was very lucky for this man worked with me and we read together and he taught me things that he did not teach the other disciples and I was lucky because my family dealt in trading and raising of horses and camels for caravans so I was taught how to read. In those days many women didn’t get that opportunity to read, even many of the poor males. But being that we were fairly well to do all the children in my family were taught to read and even some of my friends.

I know through your teachings that they never brought a wife into some of your books but they also didn’t put a lot of other things in about our lives and there are several versions of those books. Do you think as an example that a man is a better leader when he is single? Does it make him less of a man or less knowledgeable because he is married? For as most of you women know it takes guts for males or females to go out and do their dreams whether preaching or wanting to advance in business for prosperity or come out with new ideas. If you look throughout history most successful men had a successful woman that believed in him by his side and for Jesus I was that proud woman to walk by his side and give him support. Even in those days when the females had their own place in society he treated me as an equal and respected who I was and loved me as an equal as any good man should with their woman in their life.

So this is Mary Magdalene asking you to go into your own hearts and do not believe everything you have heard from the past or been taught from books. Remember I said there is continued change and there is much history where people are finding out it was not exactly as they said it was. It’s all your choice and do not condemn others unless you yourself have never in your life done anything wrong, or as some call it ‘sinned’, for that is being human as humans try to become better and condemnation from the study of just one book or news report without complete knowledge or looking at many sides isn’t always the truth. With that I think you women will understand more than you men of what I am saying.

God bless all beings on this planet whether they believe that Jesus was married or not and no matter how they celebrate God. And know that we are all brothers and sisters of Jesus and that he is not the only son of God, for we are all part of the God Source or in those days we called Jehovah. God bless you all and may peace and calmness be found in this time for everyone around the world and may it start and continue on throughout the year. Happy New Year! With love for all, Mary Magdalene wife of Jesus of Nazareth speaking through Gregory and Shelina