Galaxy SAGA Medallions

Gregory and Shelina Thomas as visionary artists, sculptors and jewelers are the only artisans on Earth being given and creating these high dimension Galaxy SAGA Medallions™ from the Galactic Federation Tartrinian Library.  These records go back further in time than the Akashic Records and keep track of all life species in The Milky Way Galaxy and certain people involved in important events.

Dayjon Honor Galaxy SAGA Medallion

Dayjon Honor Galaxy SAGA Medallion handmade ©2004 Gregory and Shelina

Each unique limited edition piece is hand crafted, blessed and activated to help bring joy, peace, attraction, love, honor, enlightenment, empowerment, manifesting, spiritual healing, visionary abilities and more into your life.  Many people fall in love with these amazing pieces after feeling the powerful energies and vibrations in their hands.

Dayjon Custom Design Jewelry Energy Medallion:

From Carcaleens flying species, 15 billions years ago.  Received after flying through deep gorges and canyons.  6 inches long, charolite bead, pink quartz, gold, silver, copper, 24 inch silver chain

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How did Galaxy SAGA Medallions begin?

They began when Saragon, 11th dimension guide, and Nonomori, 13th dimension guide found out that Gregory and Shelina were interested in cultures around the galaxy and loved to make unique crystal jewelry. Then Teko, librarian of the Galactic Federation Tartrinian Library, would look for ancient galactic wire designs to share.  He is able to access all of the Hall of Records around the Milky Way Galaxy.  As these unique galactic patterns of empowerment are given to Gregory and Shelina through Teko, the SAGA or story is also shared along with:

  • Name, age, dimension, location and type of galactic civilization that lives in The Milky Way Galaxy.  Some ask about other galaxies but we cannot communicate with them since their frequencies and vibrations would be very different than ours.
  • Why the medallion was given and when, whether it was for a medal of honor for sports, community service, rites of passages at certain ages, a law of attraction piece for dreams or to be used during weddings
  • Metals, crystals, colored gemstones used in the original design. Most are kept close to the same but sometimes they are stylized more for artistic value or to replace minerals that cannot be gotten on Earth.  They are limited editions.
  • A meditation, prayer or ritual words used by the original culture. This helps one to ground and clear out any negativity in one’s life so that new things are able to come in.  Gregory and Shelina then activate and bless each one for your highest good as you learn to use them with your guides and angels.

Types of Galaxy SAGA Medallions:

1)  Some like the  Nashacoota or Dayjon are made only a few times and are limited editions.

2)  Others like the  Yashanook Enlightenment Medallion, Nadamue Attraction Medallion and Kotashuk Lucky Medallion are normally available.

3) For those that would like, special orders with spiritual readings can be done.  It takes about 3 weeks to prepare as materials are gathered and the piece is finished.

Sawluchuk Marriage Galaxy SAGA Medallion -Wedding Gift for Gregory and Shelina

Most designs are from The Galactic Federation Tartrinian Library but some are personal like the Sawluchuck.  It was a marriage gift to Gregory and Shelina from Threnonymous one of their higher dimension guides in The Upper Soul Council.  Passed down for generations, the Sawluchuk was given with many blessings after Threnonymous asked his family if he could share it.  Gregory and Shelina were very honored and excited to receive it.  These connections of love, caring and common interests make all of the Galaxy SAGA Medallions very special.  Please email if you are interested one of these wedding medallions.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What are Galaxy SAGA Medallions? They are ancient galactic medallions used for celebration, praise and honor of self, others and the Great Creator.  SAGA stands for the story given and for Sacred Ancient Galactic Accelerator.

Why and When They Were Given: These medallions were given for recognition of athletes, children, community service, rites of passage, family heritage, and praise to the Great Creator from many different higher dimension galactic civilizations throughout The Milky Way Galaxy.  Just about anything you can imagine on Earth is out there too.

Why They Are Given To Gregory and Shelina: They are given to Gregory and Shelina because their soul aspects were the Kanarian first human couple, Zanooka and Panini, in the Milky Way Galaxy 553 million years ago.  When talking with The Upper Soul Council, they have fun and don’t usually ask ‘What’s going to happen to us?’ but instead ‘What is happening in your life, or your family’s life?’  It’s almost like a daily talk show like Oprah or Ellen DeGeneres when Shelina talks to her ‘galactic girlfriends’.

How are the medallions made? Each Galaxy SAGA Medallion is made as close to the original ancient design, size and materials as possible using gold, silver, copper, crystals and gemstones depending upon the custom jewelry design.  Most of the metals and gemstones are found on Earth but some are not.

What else is there besides the medallions? Along with the medallions Saragon has brought in angelic symbols, or soul codes, from the Kanarians 1st Creation Humans 553 million years ago when Gregory and Shelina were Zanooka and Panini.  Many of these can be found in their book Journey to The Truest You.

Sacred Symbols in The Galaxy SAGA Medallions

There is even some of the oldest designs on Earth.  The Yashanook is from one of the very 1st Ancient Races in the Milky Way Galaxy, called Octasheen, billions of years ago.  Many have infinity symbols for eternal life, circles for wholeness and the life path, coils for chakras or 3 beads for the first Ancient Creator Races billions of years ago.

Just as the Earth has sacred symbols like the cross, ankh, medicine bag, Celtic cross, or service medals these medallions are used in similar ways.  It is common thing to honor God, love family and celebrate achievements.

Special Order Requests:

If you would like a special order medallion call 1-866-586-4073, or contact through email, twitter dm or facebook.  Perhaps you are looking to connect with one of your guardians, another lifetime that you have had or to bring in special benefits.

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