Yashanook Galaxy Enlightenment Medallion

The first Galaxy SAGA Medallion™, the Yashanook, was given in 2004 from Saragon 11th dimension angel to Gregory as he was awakened and put in a trance to draw one of the oldest medallions in the galaxy.  It took time for him to figure it out as the energies felt very strong. Now Gregory is fully conscious while bringing in empowering designs from many different galactic cultures.  Each one is made as a unique limited edition with copyrights.

Yashanook Large and Small Enlightenment Galaxy SAGA Medallion

Yashanook Enlightenment Galaxy SAGA Medallion™ Large 3 Inches (Left), Small 2.5 Inches (Right) (Click to Enlarge)

Yashanook Enlightenment Galaxy SAGA Medallion™:

This Yashanook passage of life medallion is one the oldest sacred symbols on Earth given for your empowerment.  Each crystal jewelry or ritual piece is a unique limited edition piece handmade for you, blessed and activated to work naturally with your angels and guides for positive in your life.  Free original galactic meditation is also given.

Many healers, life coaches, psychic readers and teachers have been very excited to use it to easily help recharge the body, mind and spirit while quickly opening communications with higher spiritual helpers.

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The Yashanook can help you to work with your life energies and clear out negativity while sending back love and healing from your highest spiritual connections or high self also called Takia Moshaa Plenna (your highest good).  It can also assist for manifesting your soul’s desire, self empowerment and love.  It means ‘The Enlightened Energy for Your Life and Soul’s Desires’  but some also call it the ‘Connection To All’.

History of The Yashanook:

The Yashanook was created and worn proudly by the Octasheens, one of the oldest races in the galaxy, 52 billion years ago.  They were able to move their energies in amazing ways and used the Yashanook to send, and receive, light and energy.  This makes it one of the oldest designs on Earth at this time.  In Octasheen ‘Shetacoo Molatee’ means ‘Light plus Energy’.

Long ago it was given to proud young Octasheens at puberty in a special ceremony for energy and light done once a year.  They used it for many reasons like protection, honoring and helping them to find a new career and a lifemate.  The Yashanook was very valuable to them much like the crosses, ankhs, medicine bags and other symbols on Earth.

Circling with their arms raised to become one God, called ‘Norgajean’ to them, the young Octasheens would announce “I can accomplish my desires, hopes and dreams.  I am strong and powerful, yet humble.  I can obtain my goals and succeed in everything by manifesting for the future and the current because I believe the universe has it there for me.  My desires are real, my beliefs are wholesome and I deserve to receive.  I am alive to experience all that I can with help from others such as family and friends because change is the only real thing in the galaxy.” This knowledge would then be passed on to their young.

Sacred Symbols of the Yashanook:

  • Made of gold, silver, copper and green patina for purity, prosperity, healing and love
  • 2 hand picked quartz crystals that are matched to balance the masculine and feminine
  • 7 silver coils for 7 basic chakras or energy centers in all intelligent life
  • 14 gold coils for 14 other chakras or life energy chi points on the body
  • 21 total coils for 21 chakras that all humans have, some are on galactic spiritual level
  • Infinity symbol to represent the soul’s eternal life
  • Circle for complete wholeness as one travels through life, also called circle of life
  • Leather or cotton cord necklace for organic connections to balance and clear

More on The Yashanook:

  • Meditation medallion for communicating to higher guides, angels and God
  • Crystals, copper, silver and gold conduct vibrational frequencies and electro-magnetic energy for full spectrum manifesting, healing, cleansing, protection and self-empowerment
  • Timeless symbols- circle, infinity and spirals (for 21 chakras) provide wholeness and balance for evolutionary growth and opening the DNA
  • Organic elements of metal, stone and leather or cotton cording
  • Disclaimer- Each Galaxy SAGA Medallion™ is given for entertainment purposes only.  Gregory and Shelina Thomas, and all subsidiaries, cannot be held legally responsible for any results or effects that people may experience and it is the sole responsibility of purchaser or user to determine what is best for them while using this product.
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