Kotashuk Galaxy Lucky Medallion

Galaxy SAGA Medallions™ are home made jewelry with designs from Saragon 11th dimension angel from The Upper Soul Council realized that Gregory and Shelina love to make jewelry and learn about other life in The Milky Way Galaxy.  He loves to talk and have fun with them while bringing new surprises into their life.  They are the only ones making these highest dimension energy moving spiritual empowerment jewelry that are fun to wear and use.

Kotashuk Lucky Galaxy SAGA Medallion

Kotashuk Lucky Galaxy SAGA Medallion™ 8.5 mm (Click to Enlarge)

KOTASHUK: Lucky Galaxy SAGA Medallion

The Kotashuk Lucky Medallion is the first sacred ancient design was given to Gregory and Shelina from Saragon one of their guides in The Upper Soul Council.  He has fun with them surprising them. Each peace is a unique limited edition handmade for you, blessed and activated to work naturally with your angels and guides for positive.  A free ancient meditation is also given. Shelina wears this lucky piece a lot.

Domestic USA Shipping-Kotashuk Lucky Medallion-Pick Strap Type
Leather Adjustable 38 inch (96.5 cm) $75
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International Shipping-Kotashuk Lucky Medallion-Pick Strap Type
Leather Adjustable 38 inch (96.5 cm) $75
Gift Message or Person’s Name

This simple and fun Kotashuk can be worn daily.  It is a strong piece used during meditations and prayer for purifying, grounding and refreshing energies.  It also helps with change, manifesting desires, connection to your angels and guides and balancing your masculine and feminine energies.

History of The Kotashuk:

The Kotashuk medallion design came from the Nefecinarians, a loving 9th dimensional race from 12 billion years ago.  Giving the first Kotashuk to their children at maturity, after schooling was completed, a test of knowledge was given at about age 16.  They were worn on special occasions to show honor.

Different colors were given for different levels of advancement, just like the service people on Earth wear, as it was an honor to do service for the continuation of the species. The first medallion was made in green or copper and the highest ones which were three times larger in gold.  Each crystal had a life print put into it since they were higher dimensional.  This had the life force energy in it.  You can also do this through grounding and working with the frequencies, vibrations and light using your energies to help manifest changes in your life.  Realize that it can happen suddenly.

‘Koma shadda magotta do coma’ means ‘Open up and help me with the Creator’s energy’ in Nefecinarian.  It can be placed on the body while meditating (1) 3rd eye- visualize desires, (2) throat- speak your desires, (3) heart- feel joy, peace and gratitude for receiving, (4) root- be the magnet, attract new things, (5) top of head- feel connections to all.  Feel the love and ask your angels and guides for ‘This or something better’.

Sacred Symbols in The Kotashuk:

  • Infinity for the soul’s eternal life symbol
  • 2 crystals for balance
  • 7 silver coils to represent 7 chakras for empowerment, wholeness and alignment
  • 3 gold coils to represent the 1st original Creator Races in the Milky Way Galaxy
  • Leather, or cotton cording, if desired, for connections to organic life
  • Made from gold, copper and silver with blue green patina.  Happy Dreaming!

More About The Kotashuk:

  • A 8.5 mm meditation medallion for communications to higher guides, angels, God Source
  • Crystals, copper, silver and gold conduct vibrational frequencies and electro-magnetic energy for full spectrum manifesting, healing, cleansing, protection and self-empowerment
  • Timeless symbols of circle, infinity and spirals (for 7 chakras) provide wholeness and balance for evolutionary growth and opening the DNA
  • Organic elements of metal, stone, leather or cotton cording
  • Disclaimer- Each Galaxy SAGA Medallion™ is given for entertainment purposes only.  Gregory and Shelina Thomas, and all subsidiaries, cannot be held legally responsible for any results or effects that people may experience and it is the sole responsibility of purchaser or user to determine what is best for them while using this product.
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