Nadamue Galaxy Attraction Medallion

Galaxy SAGA Medallions™ were named SAGA for the stories and histories given with each galactic civilization sacred design.  SAGA also stands for “Sacred Ancient Galactic Accelerators”. Each one is a unique limited edition with copyrights.

Nadamue Attraction Galaxy SAGA Medallion (Click to Enlarge)

Nadamue Galaxy Law of Attraction SAGA Medallion(Click to enlarge picture)

Nadamue: Galaxy Attraction SAGA Medallion™

Nonamori, 13th dimension angel of The Upper Soul Council, and Teko, librarian for the Galactic Federation Tartrinian Libary, brought the Nadamue galactic attraction medallion design to Gregory and Shelina to handcraft.   It is worn and used by many for law of attraction help, soul mate searching  and to manifest money.

Each limited edition unique jewelry or ritual piece is handmade for you, blessed and activated to work with your angels and guides for positive things in your life.  You are also given the history, or SAGA, and a free meditation to work with.  Pick either plain copper or the blue-green patina as shown below with either the green or black tourmaline bead.  Shelina wears the Nadamue and gets many compliments about it, to her it is like a cross, or an ankh, used with meditation and prayer only it has natural curves, spirals and circles.  Both men and women wear and use the Nadamue for protection, spiritual connections and manifesting.

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The Nadamue can be used as a sensual energy builder, manifestor, protector and grounder.  For it’s size 1.5 inches by 3 inches, it is quite the energy amplifier used for ceremonies, meditation, communications help and creativity.

Nadamue Patina Attraction Galaxy SAGA Medallion

Nadamue Patina Galaxy Law of Attraction SAGA Medallion (Click to enlarge picture)

Nadamue: Creating Life’s Greatest Surprises

Nadamue means ‘Creating Life’s Greatest Surprises’ in Tomernen  and it has done that in many ways as newlywed gifts, family medallions, soul mate attractions jewelry, protection pieces to be worn or hung up, change of life gifts, empowerment pieces to manifest for one person or a group and spiritual talismans for prayer and connections to guides, angels, prophets and the Great Creator.  Some have compared it to a cross or an ankh.

Tourmaline beads are either green or black which many shaman and healers have used for protection.  This stone is one of the most powerful energy emitting stones on the planet.  It is also given to help bring in and keep strong long lasting love and friendship.  The blue-green patina will age after time turning the Nadamue into a beautiful antique looking attraction piece.

USA Shipping-Nadamue Attraction Patina Medallion, Strap, Pick 1
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Intl Shipping-Nadamue Attraction Patina Medallion, Strap, Pick 1
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History of The Nadamue:

The Nadamue was made by the Tomernen fathers 2.3 billion years ago in The Milky Way Galaxy and given to their daughters at maturity.  Then both the mother and father would put their energy and wishes for their daughter into this attraction medallion.

The father would say to the daughter “Goda sharda lareese shokamara racoo pointsadha yottah” which means “Our hearts and family soul are given to you to empower you from your ancients until now.  Love our hearts to you”.  She would say back to him “Zorgodda meech trahadda coo’ which is “I will use it well with wise thoughts and knowledge.”

She would then wear it outside of her clothing to look for a mate and later, after marriage, she and her lifemate would put their life desires into it.  Great-grandmothers passed theirs on to the first married female in the family.  Males would also use the piece for meditation due to it’s strong connection to the Great Creator God.

Sacred Symbols in The Nadamue:

  • Timeless cross and ankh for prayer, spiritual evolution and connections
  • Infinity for the soul’s eternal life which is almost never ending
  • 7 silver spirals for 7 chakras, empowerment, wholeness and alignment
  • 7 coils for 7 directions of north, south, east, west, above, below and within
  • 2 crystals for balance of yin and yang, feminine and masculine
  • 3 Tigers Eye beads for 1st original Creator Race Ancestors in Milky Way Galaxy
  • 3 primary color beads of red, yellow and blue for creativity
  • Metals, stones, leather or cotton cording for connections to organic life

More About The Nadamue:

  • Given from The Galactic Federation Tartrinian Library by Teko, librarian
  • Full spectrum meditation medallion to work with your higher guides, angels, God
  • Crystals, copper, silver and gold conduct electro-magnetic energy
  • Also amplify frequencies and vibrations working with energies surrounding you in etheric
  • Used for manifesting, healing, cleansing, protection and self-empowerment
  • Can bring families together by placing their mutual intentions into it
  • Disclaimer- Each Galaxy SAGA Medallion™ is given for entertainment purposes only.  Gregory and Shelina Thomas, and all subsidiaries, cannot be held legally responsible for any results or effects that people may experience and it is the sole responsibility of purchaser or user to determine what is best for them while using this product.

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