A Family of Love 'Holy Family' by Coehllo

The Jesus Family Love Story

Jesus, Mary Magdalene and Mother Mary are in the same soul family as Gregory and Shelina.  They agreed to stay as spiritual guides to bring their true teachings to Earth 2000 years later, which is now.  These true soul aspects are speaking about their lives in Nazereth, Ethiopia, Egypt, India and countries in between as well as the nature of God which each person is connected to through the soul.  Here you will meet Jesus personally through his feelings, emotions and intellect as a playful, loving man, husband and father.

Yes, there have been many writings about the miracles he performed but he was also a playful child, a curious teenager, and a stern but passionate leader.  Through these teachings one will learn about the nature of God, their soul, soul lifetimes, quantum physics, love between a man and a woman, enduring rough times and the equality of men and women.

Many things have changed in 2000 years but humans are still treating each other badly and institutions are teaching about the end of the world, hell and damnation, that souls only live one life and that Earth humans are the only life in the galaxy.  Just as people used to believe that the world was flat and tomatoes are poisonous, these outdated teachings are ready to be replaced with more positive ways that reflect what Jesus truly taught.

We are very blessed to be living during this time of evolutionary growth and truths coming out, some purposely and others by mistake.  Learn about other lifetimes for the soul aspects of Jesus, Mary Magdalene and Mother Mary both on Earth and off Earth.  Also look at The Jesus Opal, a 74 carat American opal from the Spencer Idaho area given as a gift to Gregory from Jesus.  See the page on this healing stone apparition with it’s many faces of Jesus, maps, angels and more.

For God created man and woman to love and when you love with you heart, truly it can melt away the strongest hate if you only show love and compassion for your fellow man.
Jesus of Nazareth

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