Father Joseph

Joseph, father of Jesus, husband to Mary, woodworker and carpenter was actually in a different soul family than Jesus, his wife Mary and Mary Magdalene.  Many times sub soul groups come together to work and live. He is a joyful man whose original soul aspect speaks through Gregory Thomas (of Gregory and Shelina) along with his wife Mother Mary from 2000 years ago, son Jesus and Mary Magdalene.

Joseph speaks to Gregory and Shelina 1st Time 05/29/09: Hi. I have never talked to you before so I want to explain.  I am not in the same soul group as you two. I was walking down the street the other day in heaven and I saw Mother Mary and she said “How you doing?” and I said, “Fine, that another aspect of myself just passed on, (one of the 1720 soul aspects which each of us has) and I am now deceased, not living. (As you can tell, Joseph has a great sense of humor- that was a joke there aren’t streets in heaven)

So, I made an agreement that if possible every 1000 years I would try to come back along with Jesus, Mother Mary and Mary Magdalene or part of us to communicate the true teachings and history of Jesus if we could find somebody capable- which we did with you Gregory (and Shelina). I am so proud of the two of you.

Now I did have a secretary before. It was Mother Mary that helped me write orders, receipts and take care of things at times.  They always think of her as being the mother of Jesus but she had a regular life like most mothers do. I am glad to hear that Mother’s Day is celebrated and Poppas Day will be celebrated soon. So I am proud to be part of the book of the Memoirs From Jesus, but I never had a secretary type for me though (Shelina types my words as I talk through Gregory).

You miss things as a spiritual aspect and actually Jesus, Mary Magdalene and Mother Mary, whether the people realize it or not, are giving a lot of themselves to share these memoirs with the world. They could be incarnated again down there and experiencing other things that all beings are there to experience. I am right now a 10th dimensional being and of course have had quite a few lifetimes from 2000 years ago. Here is my last soul incarnation.

My Last Milky Way Galaxy Soul Lifetime a Few Years Ago: In that life I was not human I was an Aqua water and land being.  They were called the Ninahogs and I was actually a construction worker, or builder, and I was only about 50 years old when I passed on.  There was an earthquake on the planet Zorkin, it means ‘Watery Ball’, and part of the building complex that we were building fell on me and got me in the head and cut me open.  There were many others that died along with that.  I left grandchildren, 3 of them, with 2 girls and a boy.  Kornon, the grandson, was 5 years old and I had a lot of fun with him.  Then, of course, my son was a member of the construction company along with his wife, Moompa, which means ‘Pretty Fins’ and we were partners. So he was taking it and I wasn’t very spiritual. Even though I was a 7th dimensional being I was not very spiritual.

My Earth Soul Lifetime as Joseph, Father of Jesus: My father was a carpenter and a craftsman. In our family we had 4 children. I’m sorry I’m trying to get through Gregory for the first time and it will take awhile to get things right. They tell me Gregory is very wide awake during this time.  I don’t know, I wouldn’t lay my brain aside, but I guess I would have for Mother Mary.  She was an amazing lady that was brought up good by her mother.  And so as a young man I worked with my uncle and my father and learned at a very young age to wood carve and that may be one reason Jesus liked working with wood.  I always kept a tool around.  We were also from the lineage of Abraham from many offshoots but there can only be so many leaders and the others just find their own way in success. I was very proud to be the father to Jesus for though I loved my other sons as much and they were all amazing Jesus would sometimes put you in awe of what he would teach. In everything he did when he got older he always tried to protect the family, always, and I loved his wife Mary Magdalene and their children, my grandchildren, very much.

My Kanarian First Galactic Human Soul Lifetime: I lived on the 17th planet of Kanarian 1st Creation Humans and I was married to Mother Mary 553 million years ago. I was actually taken as a young man from the 10th planet and Mary was taken as a young woman from the 3rd planet to bring us together. We were brought together for a couple days to get to know each other and The 56 Guardians wanted us to love each other. She was told that she would meet an interesting man. We knew that we were chosen to come together and our souls probably agreed on it.  So we came together and my name was Shorgotta and her name was Ernkun.  I was not a ruler of the tribe but we came together and that’s the 1st time we were ever humans.

So if people read this they will realize that ancient souls come back together for other lifetimes and sometimes they trade places as male or female.  We, Mother Mary and I, have had many lives in 2000 years and so we had to do research about our souls in the Galactic Tartrinian Library and the Akashic Hall of Records to remember some of the details. Mary helped me.  People come together to work, to change the world sometimes or to change themselves.  We, Mother Mary and I, had been together many other times as male and female as you two Gregory and Shelina. I don’t have to mention the soul groups cause you mention it all the time to people and I hope they listen and understand we are all connected to the God Source and we’re really all one.

Laughing and joking is Godly because it gets your mind off of your problems and even if you feel bad for those few seconds you can’t help but laugh and it helps to heal.  It brings more air into the body.  My father taught me that.  Jesus loved playing little tricks and some things were almost magical. Joseph- Father of Jesus

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