Rembrandt van Rihn Painting Head of Christ 1648

Jesus is one of the most famous men on Planet Earth. He never intended it to be that way and he never thought about what would happen 2000 years into the future. Most prophets only think about a few hundred years or several generations later. Listen to him speak through Gregory and meet the true Jesus the one who inspired many and yet frustrated others. Read new quotes and teachings in his trilogy ‘The Jesus Family Love Story ‘ to be available soon.

“For with these truths, when you start listening to what I am teaching these two, you will know that you have a direct line to the Great Creator Source and it doesn’t have to be just through me. For you are my brothers and my sisters and you do not have to wait for me to get the messages to the God Source for you have the same abilities as I to talk with God. For you must trust in yourself for you are all spiritual creators and part of God yourselves as I. Bless you all.” Jesus

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