Mary Magdalene

Leonardo da Vinci The Last Supper

Leonardo da Vinci The Last Supper

Mary Magdalene has had controversy around her name for more than 1800 years when really she didn’t know that anyone would know her name, just as Mother Mary has said too.  Some are Leonardo da Vinci’s Last Supper painting where she is sitting next to Jesus.  Leonardo da Vinci has told Gregory and Shelina, since they are in the same soul family, that he did paint Mary Magdalene next to Jesus after all she was one of his spiritual guides.  Also Mary tells them that it was her image in The Last Supper as it was held in an open room at an inn with families.

The Damsel of Sanct Grael by Dante Grabriel Rossetti

The Damsel of Sanct Grael by Dante Grabriel Rossetti

The Holy Grail cup is another mystery connected to Mary Magdalene.  Some believe it to be the chalice or cup that Jesus used at The Last Supper and others think that it is the womb of Mary carrying the child of Jesus.  Mary Magdalene was pregnant with Sarah, their 4th child, during the last supper but told Gregory and Shelina that the alabaster glasses were not saved as being special.  Even though there was one that was slightly larger it was always used. Yet many people are still seeking “The Holy Grail” as if it had some special powers they could connect with.

Mary, the wife of Jesus, had dark brown hair and dark brown eyes which was normal for most middle Eastern women of her time and it is funny so many paintings show her with red hair and fair skin.

The da Vinci Code book and film suggests that Mary Magdalene went to France but it really wasn’t her.  It was her youngest daughter, Sarah, who went along with her brother and his wife. So you see there are many confusions of history. Sarah did teach spiritual lessons she learned from her family and spoke of Mary.

Now you can hear the wise, beautiful, strong, enlightened Mary Magdalene as she speaks through Gregory with the help of Shelina to share about her life and love as the wife of Jesus, her teachings to the women of that time, her children, love of pottery, royal family heritage and her closeness with Mother Mary and Joseph. She was never a prostitute as suggested in the 5th century. That was Mary of Bethany.

Maria Magdalene by Carlos Timeon Neff

Maria Magdalene by Carlos Timeon Neff

In The Gospel of Mary many are looking to learn about the special relationship that she had with Jesus.  Jesus, speaking through Gregory, has expressed his pain and frustration that leaders of the church would call her a prostitute.  She, as his wife, was very much an equal with her healing, teachings and spiritual abilities.  Their love through 20 years of marriage, joy and heartache was one of the deepest ever shared.

It was her amazing healing abilities and love that helped Jesus, her husband, through the crucifiction and also the loss of their 2nd child.

Her angels and guides were 8th dimensional just like his and their souls have been together many times just like Gregory and Shelina including as one of the Kanarian 1st Human Couples in The Milky Way Galaxy.  To many Jesus and Mary Magdalene is one of the greatest love stories ever that has been hidden for too long.

Now we are able to listen to her speak through Gregory with the help of Shelina as they are direct links in the same soul family.  Mary is very excited that you will finally know her and asks that we remember we are all part of God with many empowering abilities.

Her first encounter with Jesus was when he was nine years old and she was six, and even though she was just a girl their souls were instantly attracted to one another, just like Gregory and Shelina’s were.  As their eyes met, Jesus knew she was special, and when he was 13, he decided that he wanted her to be his wife and she wanted him too.  Later in life, women would learn from her teachings as she shared many spiritual lessons of love through their understandings of baking and being a good wife.

Their soul mate aspects of Jesus and Mary Magdalene have been together during many other lifetimes including the beginning of the Kanarian First Creation Humans couples 553 million years ago just as Gregory and Shelina experienced as Zanooka and Panini.

There are many reasons that religions might have wanted to hide that Jesus was married but he tells Gregory and Shelina that not everybody knew he was married so that he could protect his wife and children and that he was a very private person.  Some say that by scandalizing the name of Mary Magdalene, empowerment was taken away from women and that it might relate to clearing out the matronly beliefs of Wiccan and Pagan.  In ancient times, the priests were allowed to marry but that changed.  Could it be so that their wives would not inherit any property or possessions that was left?  By looking at history, one can see that many truths are changed so that power can be obtained over the masses along with their monetary treasures.

Mary Magdalene was the closest person to Jesus and had a special relationship with Mother Mary.  For the first time you can hear her true words as spoken through Gregory with the help of Shelina in the series with a working title of “Mary, Joseph, Mary Magdalene, Jesus” which will be available soon.  When she taught, many listened intently to the words and teachings of this amazing woman, Mary Magdalene, who intrigued and inspired Jesus so much with her love, wisdom and compatible abilities.

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