Mother Mary

Mary Mother to Jesus, Mother-in-law to Mary Magdalene

Mary Mother to Jesus, Mother-in-law to Mary Magdalene, Grandmother

Mary, mother of Jesus also speaks with direct spiritual communication links Gregory and Shelina that are in her soul family along with 9500 to 11000 others including Jesus and his wife Mary Magdalene.  This is the first time she has shared her true personal life story and a book will be available soon.  Mary loved her husband Joseph very much, all of her children and baking breads a few times a week with grains and recipes from many places that Jesus would bring her or the caravan people.  She would bake this bread outside on the patio in a special oven at her home in Nazareth.

There are times when Mother Mary is very shy while talking through Gregory with the help of Shelina.  She never thought that she would be famous today but always knew that her son Jesus was special.  Joseph was always a good husband and father to their children from the lineage of Abraham just as she was from a long distance like many others from those times.

Learn about the birth of Jesus, her marriage and life.  Feel the love that she gives through her words of feminine grace, strength, and belief.  Since the time of being Mary, mother of Jesus, her soul aspect has lived 15 to 20 other lifetimes.

Even Joseph and I got into little disagreements but you look at each other and pray and say at night at supper and thank God for the day and for each other and the lives together. For in reality everything else is not as important as your family and the one you love. That’s why you raise your children the best you can. And sometimes I thought Jesus raised me for he was continually teaching me everything he learnt and I would be in total awe of him.   Mary, Mother of Jesus Christ of Nazareth

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