Angelic Soul Code Symbols are 553 million years old from the Kanarian 1st Creation Humans.  They are the only true original soul codes made to clear out old harmful patterns and help to bring back divine capabilities to individuals, soul lineages and genetic DNA family trees as intended by many Angels of Love and Light and the Great Creator.

Saragon Angelic Soul Code Reading

Saragon 11th Dimenson Angelic Soul Code Reading (Click to Enlarge)

Saragon Angelic Soul Code Readings
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Many people have noticed a difference in their life for healing, manifesting, spiritual evolution, empowerment, attracting soulmates, and creating the life they want.  Gregory and Shelina are the only couple in the world at this time that can read the soul to give the original soul codes.  They are not told what these angelic symbols mean during the reading or what they will do for the person who uses them for the protection of them and the other person.  Gregory likes to say thats so he can’t turn somebody into a toad.  Some other things that are given are:

  • Names, dimensions and occupation of three current guides in your Upper Soul Council
  • Level of dimension you are able to access now
  • Number of times your life was saved
  • Who or where you were in your last soul aspect
  • Five soul codes for your evolution, enough for one month
  • Names of some of your guides and angels in your Upper Soul Council
  • Each reading is like a personal piece of artwork
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