Jesus Opal

Give and share The Jesus Opal Gifts with visionary art by Gregory and Shelina and images of this sacred miracle stone for your inspiration, enlightenment and motivation. The actual 74 carat American Apparition from Spencer Idaho was given to Gregory and his family by Jesus who speaks through him as a gift of love because Gregory agreed to learn from many spiritual teachers. Now he is sharing the images and new sacred teachings from Jesus and his family with the world. Many have experienced healing, inspiration, love, peace and sometimes miracles in their lives from it. Many Jesus pictures change as it is turned with visions of angels, maps, animals, other prophets, and more making it a personal experience for each person and one of the wonders of the world. Bless your life and the lives of others by sharing this amazing personal gift from Jesus for love, peace, joy and healing. Thank you for shopping at Jesus Opal Gifts!

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Many say the most obvious face resembles the painting Head of Christ by Warner Sallman only reversed.  It is the most famous painting that was given during WWII to service people.  Others see a face on The Jesus Opal appears similiar to Leonardo da Vinci’s The Last Supper Jesus and by rotating the opal further some see a Jesus like the Rembrandt painting Head of Christ.  About 5% of people cannot see the faces but see other things.

“For with the truths, when you start listening to what I am teaching these two, you will know that you have a direct line to God and it doesn’t have to be just through me for you are my brothers and my sisters and you do not have to wait for me to get the messages to the God source for you have the same abilities to talk with him as I do.  For you must trust in yourself, let go of all that guilt taught to you before by religious leaders and know that you as a child of God, my brothers and sisters, know as much as them inside and they have used that to control you for eons. For you are all spiritual creators and part of God yourselves as I.  Bless you all.” Jesus

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